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Doublehose regs

These are regulators for collectors. They are for display only and have to be overhauled prior to use them. I do recommend to do a service even if they breathe perfectly.



A Dräger PA 61/II with rare metal mouthpiece. Regulator is in working condition.

DIN connection




A Jet Air Regulator by
U.S. Divers

This reg needs a service.

Yoke connection



A Dacor R 2 Double Diaphragm Regulator in working condition

Yoke connetion




This Monsun II by Barakuda is quite rare and in working condition.

DIN connection




A Set of british regulators by Submarine Products.

A complete Super Sealion, a Atlantic and Spareparts. Needs service.

Yoke connetion


A bunch of doublehose regs for spares

Healthways Scuba without label complete
2x early Healthways Scuba (1 complete, 1 for parts)
1 Voit Trieste for parts
1 Dacor C 2 Clipper complete + Mouthp.
1 Dacor R 3 for parts




A Hydromat Medi.

Needs service

DIN connetion


These regulators will possibly follow:

Swiss Apag Airmaster
Yugoslavian Duro Dakovic
Dutch Loosco Egg
French La Spirotechnique Royal Mistral
Spanish Nemod Snark III Silver (engraved)
Spanish Nemrod Snark III Super

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