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Dr. Sam Miller
I´m really happy to call this man a friend. He should be called “Mr. Scuba History” as he has terrific knowledge on early diving and owns one of the best literature collection. (He was the one to conserve the only Healthways/Scubapro-catalog that I know and can now be seen under
More about Dr. Sam Miller

Erich Altrichter
He is a outrageous collector of early scuba diving regulators and hard hats. A generous man and helpful collegue. See his collection under

Greg Barlow
A great Voit collector and helpful man.

Wolfgang Freihen
Have never seen a bigger collection of vintage books (about 7000) and diving mags (more than 200 different names...). A wonderful bibliophile and longtime diver who wrote several books and articles.

Dan Barringer
A great collector on vintage diving gear and good source for repairs and spareparts. What shall I say? I am happy to know this man and appreciate every help that I can give to him and take from him!!