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More about Dr. Samuel Miller

Dr Samuel Miller began his long diving career in 1943 as a result to a very serious eye infection contracted while swimming in a local YMCA pool. In order to continue swimming he was required to wear a pair of crude goggles for eye protection. By the time he had graduated from high school in 1950 he had managed to acquire a Sea Net mask and a pair of Churchill fins. He was a “goggler” in a sport that had very little in the way of equipment, no name, no shops, no magazines, no training programs, no organizations, no flag, and very few participants.

Equipped with only a mask, fins and a GI surplus sweater for thermal protection and using borrowed equipment he made his first “lung” (SCUBA) dive on Memorial Day 1951 in Divers Cove, Laguna Beach, California.

As a pioneer underwater instructor he holds the following certifications:

Los Angeles County # 11 UICC
NAUI # 27
NASDS prior to numbering
CMAS 2 star
PADI # 2241

And numerous others….

He has received the following honors:

LA Co Outstanding contributions to diving 1963
LA Co Outstanding Instructor of the year 1969
NAUI Over the reef gang 1984
NAUI Diving dinosaur 1986
SSI Platinum Pro 5000 diver 1993
Who’s who of SCUBA diving 1993
International father of spear fishing 2000
Leader and legend of diving 2005

He was a member and officer or on the board of directors of number of prestigious pioneer Spear fishing, Scuba diving and Underwater photography diving clubs. Most recently he was on the founding board of directors and the first Director of Recreational Diving for the Historical Diving Society.

In the beginning there were no published recreational diving books As an avid book collector Dr. Miller has amassed what is possibly the most complete and valuable collection of historical recreational diving books, periodicals and ephemera in existence. In 1993 he presented the first US diving bibliophile meeting which was attended by divers from through out the world.

Dr. Miller also maintains complete bound sets of most of the recreational diving periodicals which have been published in the US:

  • · Skin Diver magazine , American Scuba diver, Atlantic Underwater news, Aquarius, California Diver, Dive, Diving world, Diving and Snorkeling Quarterly, Dive training, Fathom, Historical Diver, NAUI Diving Association ( NDA) News, Ocean Realm, Pacific Diver, Pacific Underwater news, Ocean Realm, SCUBA Diving, Scuba Pro diving and snorkeling, Sport Diver, Southwest diver, Rondale’s Scuba, Underwater, Underwater photographer, and Water World. His extensive collection also includes the majority of the US dive catalogs published since 1952 which are also bound by year
  • Dr. Miller appeared on the cover and was the first guest editor of Skin Diver Magazine. He has authored numerous articles for Skin Diver, Scuba Pro Diving, Historical Diver, Southwest Diver, Discover Diving, Los Angeles Underwater News, NAUI News and currently writes a diving column for a California news paper, the first and only regularly scheduled diving column to appear in any US news paper

Retired and in his mid 70s he resides on a hill in Central California over looking the Pacific Ocean. He divides his time doing historical diving research, traveling to exotic dive locations, and frequently visiting and diving in his beloved Baja California, Mexico