Counter Doublehose Regs US Divers

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[Aqua Lung]
[Navy Type DA]
[DA Hookah]
[Overpressure DX]
[Stream Air]
[Jet Air DY]
[Navy approved DA]
[Two stage DA]
[Mistral DW]
[DA Aqua-Master]
[DA Aqua-Master Antimagnetic]
[Royal Master]
[Royal Mistral]
[Royal Aqua-Master]

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Doublehose Regs 
US Divers

These are the regs that I found until now:

Aqua Lung

Navy Type DA

DA Hookah

Overpressure DX

Stream AIR DW

Jet Air DY

Two Stage DA

Mistral DW

DA Aqua Master

DA Aqua Master Antimagnetic

Royal Master

Royal Mistral

Royal Aqua-Master


For more Informations on the U.S. Divers see with a timeline and an overview on the labels.